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Book  Club Questions

The Road to Lattimer


Discuss the setting of the story comparing their lives in Europe and the patch towns of America.

Children have been victimized throughout history. Discuss the plight of children in the world today.

After reading the novel has your perspective, attitude, or behavior changed?

Are you glad you read the book?

Did you learn something you didn’t know before?

What role do friendship, religion, and family play in the lives of immigrants, especially in Anna’s life?

Contrast the reactions of Adriana, Anna, and Katarina to labor unrest. Who do you relate to the most?

What forces pushed the immigrants from their homes and pulled them to America. Were they better off in America?

The Irish had faced the same discrimination when they first came to America? Why was it more difficult for the Eastern European immigrants to assimilate?

At first the residents of Hazleton sided with the coal miners. What changed? Why were Sheriff Martin and the deputies acquitted?

Mary Septak led the Slavic Amazons. Is she relevant today? What was her motivation? If you were living in Lattimer at that time could you have taken on the role of Mary? Would you have been a follower, or would you have stayed home and pulled the curtains closed like Katarina?

Discuss the woman in black. What was her role in the book?

The owners of the coal towns segregated the families by ethnic origin in the hope of minimizing the ability of the miners to band together to protest living and working conditions. What were the positive and negative repercussions for the immigrant families? How are contemporary immigrant communities similar?

Does your family continue some of the traditions of your immigrant ancestors?

In one or two words describe what you felt while reading the novel.



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