The Road to Lattimer is an historical fiction novel that takes place in the anthracite coal region of Pennsylvania. Union activision ends in a massacre of stricking coal miners. 2 formats on Amazon, kindle and paperback.Available on Amazon
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The House on Peace Street Coming in 2022

     At the turn of the twentieth century, Ceci and John Schreda rent a tiny house in a mining town in eastern Pennsylvania. For Ceci, it is a place of hope and promise. But world events threaten her dreams: World War I, the pandemic of 1918, the suffragist movement. Ceci must deal with an unexpected death—and worse. The House on Peace Street follows the trajectory of husbands, wives, brothers, and sisters as they dig coal from the mines, marry, fight for the vote, nurse the sick in pandemic hospitals, go AWOL, and fire howitzers at German soldiers in Fismette. Through it all, Ceci fights to keep her extended family safe. The house on Peace Street—with its potbellied stove and unchipped sink—is her anchor. It is a fictional place, it’s true, but we all want to linger on Peae Street, even if our stay is short.