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The Road to Lattimer

A historical fiction novel


Growing activism among the immigrants living in the company towns of Pennsylvania impacted the lives of four immigrant families. Anna fears for her family but understands the need for the strike, while her husband Stefan, still haunted by images of war in Europe, is cautious.  Adriana and Cyril, angry at the working and living conditions in Lattimer, are ready to shut down the mine. Emil joins the union and is among the strikers who march to Lattimer on that fateful morning.

‘A fascinating historical novel with a strong cast of characters.’ The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

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Clifford Reynolds

History, Drama, excellent storytelling!

April 13, 2021

The Road to Lattimer by Virginia Rafferty is a fictional examination of the events leading up to the Lattimer massacre in a small mining town in PA. The author's detailed research and characterization make an excellent story, and bring to life all the different viewpoints, making history "live" for readers. Taking us back to their origins in different countries as young immigrants searching for better lives is timely and important. Great historical fiction!

Reviewed by Amazon customer on January 7, 2020

5.0 out of 5 stars 

We Need More Novels Like This One

Why aren’t there more novels like this one, where decent people take on an indecent world and through much tragedy, the power of human dignity and love for one’s family shine through? Heartfelt, sincere, lovingly rendered, The Road to Lattimer is the story of humankind as much as of America, where no kind of persecution can, in the end, defeat the will of good people.

These are endearing characters set in an authentically researched world of 19th century commoners as they take on the uncommon challenges of raising families in the midst of feudal lords, spoil piles and robber barons. Read this book. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will find a favorite character, as I did. And then you will be better for reading The Road to Lattimer, for you will have learned the plight and agonies of the people who forged the opportunities we enjoy today as Americans.

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Family Secrets...Hidden in the Shadows of Time

A historical fiction novel


Trapped and suffocated by the unending hardships of peasant life, Erszi can do little but dream. That is, until the opportunity to make an exodus to the New World presents itself, and she makes the impossible choice to vie for a better life, far away from Hungary. Without a husband, she is eager to seek out love and marriage, but it could come at great cost. With the wonders of discovery comes the dangers of seduction, and the man she comes to love may not be all he seems.

      Forsaking her past for a better future and her family for the possibility of creating a new one, “Family Secrets… Hidden in the Shadows of Time” encapsulates the complex struggles of the 19th century immigrants, but also the enduring, stalwart spirit that allowed them to give up all they had and strike out into the unknown. With direct inspiration from the lives of Virginia Rafferty's Hungarian ancestors, “Family Secrets… Hidden in the Shadows of Time” brings a unique, highly personal twist to the genre, one that absolutely cannot be missed.

The House on Peace Street Coming in the fall of 2021

The modest little house on Peace Street is a place of hope and promise. When Ceci first looks at the house she sees a place for a freezer and unchipped porcelain sink. Ceci and her husband don't want much--just a safe harbor, a place to raise a family but the house cannot protect Ceci from war, death, marital strife, or wayward brothers and sisters. But it's the anchor of this fictional universe. In a way, we all want to live on Peace Street, even if our stay is short.